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TEST DRIVE: Mitsubishi Strada Triton HD-X, heavy duty specialist

mitsubishi strada triton hdxTEST DRIVE: Mitsubishi Strada Triton HD-X, heavy duty specialist

For two hours away by plane from Jakarta to Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, late last month, my head full of questions, "What will I do when the first test drive a Mitsubishi held up? What kind of car? How the terrain to be traversed? "

In the invitation, did not refer at all to provide information. The committee warned only 'please bring the shoes out bond and a change of clothes'​​. I asked one of his journalist friend sitting next to me. "We're going to try a new variant in the Triton extreme off-road terrain," he said.

Suddenly I became feverish. Understandably, I have less good experience in terms of off-road. Because, in a family off-road event in Borneo several times before, the car I was riding rolled into the hole deep enough. I was lucky not the slightest injury.

Apparently, the car is equipped with a series of features that are quite capable for off-road terrain.

System of 4 × 4 wheel drive features such as Easy Select 4WD Shift on-the-fly. To operate this feature is not necessary to stop the car.

Strada Triton-X HD brings 4M40 diesel engine capacity of 2800 cc without turbo. Personnel who sprayed machine reached 97 PS and torque of 22 kgm.

Compared to other competitors in this segment range of Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger, Isuzu D-Max, Mazda BT-50 for the maximum power Strada Triton is smaller. "But it is qualified, just prove it.

This machine is not using the turbo, the needs of the mining and plantation is a large torque to spin the engine more responsive. While the new turbo engine speed obtained at intermediate

although the track is like porridge, with rise and fall angle of 45 degrees, but this car is safe

Torque of the engine feels very well distributed, and power was still fierce at low engine speed

Likewise, when a car uphill and immediately turned to the nearly 90-degree angle. I do not need to bother experimenting with the gas pedal too deep, but only in moderation.

Bursts of power seemed choked up while switching from lap to lap the bottom of the machine. Therein, I understand, why the car was designed not to use the turbo, because to avoid turbo lag.

Another thing I feel is the suspension and stability that should be recognized quality. Strada Triton HD-X uses a five-leaf and double action. Four-wheel traction device distributor evenly called M-Locker. Meanwhile, to maintain stability while a contoured wave trajectory bulldoze Limited Slip Differential devices to function optimally.

Slippery muddy track - more precisely a slurry of mud - not a serious matter. Thanks to the kind of mud terrain tires (MT) measuring 245/75 which is designed specifically for the muddy streets, Strada Triton is able to conquer mud puddles that are characteristic of the mining area

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